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Play It Forward with our 10 Names for Kidsburg fundraiser!

This is a grass roots effort to engage families and individuals on behalf of their children’s emergent civic engagement as an organized body of students.  Families mail as many as 10 of these donation letters to people who know and love their children, and who would likely donate money to help these kids rebuild Kidsburg.  Students will be astounded at the collective impact from this small individual effort.  Businesses can encourage their employees with matching workplace donations.

If companies or individuals decide to Play It Forward, kindly note these helpful guidelines:  the document is a self-mailer, designed for double-sided copying (logo facing the same direction as the letter is read on the reverse side).   From the double-sided master, copies are made on bright green paper (or another bright color on hand to distinguish among the junk mail).  It is folded so that the blank address is facing up for hand-writing the recipient’s name and address, as well as the student’s name and group (business, school, etc.) in the box marked “Special Request from ________ of _______.”  People then seal the mailer with a bit of tape up top, affix a stamp, and hope for the best!

Thank you for considering both corporate and grass roots efforts to help us rebuild Kidsburg!  All donations are tax-deductible.  If you would like help printing the letter, email us:

Click on the image below for the full size PDF to print, save or send to your friends!