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Kidsburg Postcard Art

Kids draw playground scenes on postcards to help us rebuild Kidsburg (magic markers work great!). We use these special 2-sided postcards to thank our donors and for other *promotional purposes. Want to help?

If the kids in your camp, day care, church, family, or other group would like to support the Kidsburg Youth Committee by participating in our postcard art:

(1) Click on the image below to download the 2-page PDF file, print double-sided on letter-size white card stock (color print is nice, but black & white printing is OK to save toner costs), and then cut down into individual postcards.

(2) After your kids have drawn their playground scenes on the blank side, please do not address or mail the individual postcards.  Instead, kindly affix a stamp if  possible, insert finished postcards all together in one envelope and mail to:  Kidsburg 2.0, c/o BTPIA, PO Box 432, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 (call Deb for questions or to arrange pickup, no texts please: 301-518-7089, or email debhuckans@yahoo.com, subject Postcard Art). We will print donors labels and mail the postcards you have playfully decorated.

*By submitting your artwork, you are authorizing use of the image and expect no remuneration or recognition of any kind.  The image may be used in promotional or other materials that help to support the rebuilding of Kidsburg.  Thank you for participating in Kidsburg Postcard Art!*