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Welcome to our Kidsburg Stories Project!

When we speak to people about rebuilding Kidsburg, great stories start tumbling out, many of them 20 years old!

Become a Kidsburg reporter and interview your family and friends on video.  Upload your Kidsburg Stories videos to Youtube and then email your link to rebuildkidsburg@gmail.com, subject STORIES.  We’ll post your stories on our Kidsburg Youtube channel!

Did you help build the original Kidsburg or the recent Totsburg that survived the flood?  Did you play at Kidsburg when you were younger, and then found yourself there again with a child or grandchild of your own?  Family reunions, field trips, play dates, designing, funding and building the original Kidsburg…please share your story.  How did you feel when Kidsburg was demolished after the flood?  Why do you want Kidsburg rebuilt?  What made Kidsburg so special?

Help us rebuild a new Kidsburg to carry us into the next generation of play.