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Play it Forward! It is time to Rebuild Kidsburg!

Sign up NOW on your own or with a group to volunteer your time, tools, construction materials, equipment, or other special talents (see age guidelines below flyer). We can’t build the playground without YOU (and all your FRIENDS)! Join us to PRE-Build: Friday-Sunday, April 25-27, and then come back for Rebuild Kidsburg Week: April 30-May 4. Thanks to BTE for donating a special performance of “The Amazing Mr. Franklin” for children of volunteers Saturday, May 3. GRAND OPENING PARTY for all volunteers on Sunday evening, May 4, to celebrate the playground YOU helped build! Click image below to DOWNLOAD our Rebuild Kidsburg flyer to print, post and send to your friends!

Ready, Set, REGISTER HERE to Rebuild Kidsburg!

Want to help a bit more?…

Age guidelines: kids must be at least 14 years old to be on the construction site, though younger kids can help a safe distance away. Skilled workers must be 18 years old to use power tools (exception: shop teacher with supervised students, etc.).

Thank you!